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New Fentura

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We manufacture all our products responsibly. Baja's purchase is a sustainable choice. You get a long-lasting garment that is comfortable to wear.

There is always a limited amount of recycled material from which we make our hoodies. That's why our collection changes at regular intervals, so there is limited availability of each color.

The material is a cutting waste from the manufacture of t-shirts, which is further cut to fit the fabric. The material consists of 50% cotton, 25% acrylic and 25% polyester. Authentically made in Mexico just as it should. 

Baja hoodie is a quite different from a regular hoodie. The most important and best feature of a Baja hoodie compared to a regular hoodie, is the material from which it is made. The fabric is an eco-friendly Exomex fabric, woven from recycled material.

The fabric of the Baja hoodie is quite thick and rough, it feels reliable and looks cool. The fabric breathes well, but appropriately repels water, for example, snow or a small hail of water does not make the shirt immediately wet.

Another specialty is the design of the Baja hoodie. The fabric is so inflexible that the cut has to be carefully thought out. The Baja hoodies have a long and traditional history in their home country of Mexico, and other Latin countries, where the model has become more sophisticated over time, combining models of casual Ponchos and newer hoodies. Baja is supposed to be a bit of 'big' and loose. Some buy up to two sizes larger than the ones they normally wear, in which case the Baja hoodie can wear even the top of the jacket.

Some of the special features make the Baja unique. The neckline is an O-hole with a notch cut, giving the shoulder and the Baja hood the casual look. Another handy feature is the notches at the bottom, which bring flexibility and give space to the foot. The Baja hoodie has a large pocket on the stomach and stylish neck straps. The hood is enjoyable size.

The third distinctive thing is the colorworld. The color of the Baja hoodies is in harmony with the Mexican culture. Different colors are always produced in a limited batch according to season and demand. Inspiration for the colors of Baja hoodies come from nature and an ecological lifestyle. The biggest inspiration for this is the surfer's dream waves, the free-lance powder liners, the backpackers' excursions and the built environment of the parks.

Get your Baja and dont even think twice what to wear when things go casual.



Material is 50% cotton, 25% acrylic and 25% polyester. Cotton gives the hoodie its softness and comfort. Acrylic and polyester make the fabric very durable and dirt-free. Fabric is pre-shrunk - so no random surprises there either.


Very easy to take care of: just machine-wash it when feeling like it. Make it in 30-40 degrees and with gentle cycling (about 600 rpm)




All products has 100 days warranty. Connect us to

All orders will have 30 days return and change right in all cases.



The fabric of the shirts' recycled material is not very flexible and the fabric makes it rigid. That is why the shirt can sometimes be tearn by drastic or tearing. 

    If the shirt leaves the individual threads, it is advisable to simply pull them out with the needle.

    Recycled fabrics used in baja can be fluffed by time, due to a synthetic fiber-cotton blend. You can easily remove the fluff with a fluffcomb.



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    Erik Grésau
    Great material

    Love the material.
    Feels sturdy and great quality.
    Husband loved it and took it right away.
    Gues I have to buy one more 🎉



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